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This practice involves warehousing, picking and packing the product, shipping it, and sending an authorized email to the customer to inform them that the order is in transit. Some of the steps would be:

  • Receiving inventory.
  • Warehousing the inventory.
  • Processing the order.
  • Ship the order.
  • Manage returns.
  • Among other details.


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Fulfillment centers receive inventory, sort and store products in their respective container, shelf or pallet locations. The purpose of storing inventory in a fulfillment center is to turn stock quickly and ship orders as efficiently as possible.


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  • Units FBA – $1.20
  • Units FBM – $1.50
  • Labeling – Include
  • Poly Bag – $.30
  • Inspection – Include
  • Box- Starting at $1.50
  • Bundling – $.25 per additional

For more than 1000 units in one order, contact us for quote.


In fact all these costs are completely adjustable depending on the situation of each seller, it would be better to contact us to give you all the details https://e-boxfulfillment.com/contact/



These are the most important steps in choosing a prep center:

1. What is their turnaround time?

2. Are they consistent in their communication?

3. Are their prices reasonable?

4. Are they located close to major Amazon fulfillments or wholesalers?

5. Do they offer top quality services?

6. Are they clear in what they offer? Are their prices clear? Are their processes clear?


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Fulfil and fulfill mean the same thing. Fulfillment is also known as 3PL services. Third-party supply companies in the US nation, the UK, and some other countries, can provide you with fulfillment services instead of fulfillment. The services are identical, even though the spelling is totally different.

Ecommerce fulfillment is the method of store inventory, packing, and delivering merchandise to customers. It includes maintaining inventory, locating merchandise inside storage, packaging merchandise, and managing the supply of delivery. The purpose of facilitate the processes with diverse software integrations with online stores of the clients, and also releasing the time of the sellers.

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